Processing purchase adjustments and vendor refunds

When you need to make adjustments for purchases, start by locating the original purchase. This record becomes the parent record and you can easily manage the other related transactions directly from the related record portals.

Processing adjustments and refunds for purchases

Start by locating the purchase you wish to work with. Since the related record portals are located at the bottom left of the detail screen, you can easily add the adjusting transactions from there.

In our example below, we made an adjustment because we returned some items to the vendor. We then received a refund for the return. Both of these transactions were porcessed from the related record portals as shown here.


1. Notice the related disbursement for $9,098.50. This was our payment for the original shipment.

NOTE: You can add new records directly from the portal by clicking the Green Plus Button.png icon above the portal rows.


2. Since we had to return some defective items, we processed a Purchase Adjustment record as shown here. Notice the title of the related record reads "Credit/Adjust" with reference to the parent purchase record. For step-by-step instructions on purchase adjustments, click here.


3. When the refund arrived, we processed the refund deposit directly from the portal for Refunds. We also added notes for future reference. Notice the yellow note icon. For step-by-step instructions on entering a vendor refund, click here.


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