Processing vendor returns

There will be times when you need to return items to your vendor. In doing so, be sure to follow your company's internal policy and the policy established by your vendor. 

It is best to make entries in aACE that reflect reality so that the accounting and inventory balances remain accurate. Below is a list of things to keep in mind. The related links will take you to topics that will help you process vendor returns.

  1. Log return shipments so that your inventory balances are accurate. For information on return shipments to vendors, click here.
  2. Make adjustments entries to related Purchase records if you have credit coming from your vendor. These entries affect accounting as realized expenses. For more information on purchase adjustments and vendor refunds, click here.
  3. Make adjustment entries to POs so that anticipated expenses are accurate and your totals for inventory-on-order are correct. For more information on PO adjustments, click here.
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