Entering vendor refunds

Vendor refunds are typically booked against the parent Purchase record and the necessary Purchase Adjustments should exist so that the entire transaction balances. To learn about Purchase Adjustments, click here.

You can start the refund process from the Receipts module or your can work from the detail screen of the original Purchase record. Both workflows are outlined below.

From the Receipts module

  1. Navigate to the Receipts module. From the main menu: Accts Receivable > Receipts.
  2. Click New in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select Refund. Below is a sample record.

  3. In the General Info section, enter the date, the vendor and the payment amount.
  4. In the Refund Info section, enter the payment method and related information. In this example, we received a check.
  5. In the Purchases section, enter the original purchase ID(s) to which you will apply this refund. If necessary, click the Button Green Selector.png  icon to open the search dialog.
  6. When finished, click Save.
  7. A confirmation dialog appears.

  8. Click Post to post the receipt or click Not Yet to save the record as pending.


From the Purchase Detail screen

  1. Locate the purchase record you wish to work with and navigate to the detail screen.
  2. Click the Refunds tab at the botton left of the screen.
  3. Click the Green Plus Button.png button to add a new refund record. Enter the details as outlined in the process above.
  4. Once the record is saved, it appears in the Refunds portal list as shown here.

     Refund portal on Purchase.png
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