How do I print?

aACE provides you with the tools you need to print reports. You can even request new reports from within aACE if needed. Review the report printing basics below for details.

Printing from List View

You can print a list of records from any list view screen. Be sure to organize the records as you wish to see them in the report, then click the Print button at the top of the screen.

In the example list below, the invoice records are sorted by client (click the column header). The report will appear in the same sort order.


Printing from Detail View

Printouts are available from most detail screens such as orders, invoices, POs, tasks, etc. Click the Print button at the top of the screen to print the report. When the report appears in preview mode, you may send it to the printer, or save it as a PDF. Note that saving as Excel does not carry over the formatting of the printout.


The Print Menu

A Print Menu is available from most screens. This menu contains a list of customizable reports which may include the ability to specify a date range for the requested report. For example, you may need to enter an "as of date" for a report on aging invoices. The list also contains any customized reports for the module as requested by your organization.

Below is a sample of the print menu from Invoices. Access the menus by clicking the arrow next to the Print button.



The Report Selector

The report selector provides an additional menu of standard reports available to you. Selections are based on the module in which you are working. To access the report selector, click the Print menu drop-down arrow, then select Open Report Selector. A selection of reports in the Invoices module is shown below.


Click the report you wish to print. When the report appears in preview mode, you may send it to the printer, save it as a PDF, or export it to Excel.

Requesting New Reports

If you would like a custom report, send a report request. 

  1. From the Print menu, select Send Report Request. The Send Notice screen appears.

  2. The screen is ready to take your request. In the Message field, fill in the suggestion area with your criteria for the report. Include your name and contact information so we may contact you regarding the request.
  3. When ready, click Send Notice.


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