How do I edit printouts?

Many printouts throughout the system can be edited by entering FileMaker's layout mode and adjusting the printout. To do this, users must belong to user groups where the data group is set to "management" or "programmer_admin." They must also have access to aACE Preferences.

In most instances editing printouts is necessary for "nudging" fields into place so they print to forms correctly, e.g. checks, vendor 1099s, etc. Because different printers sometimes print the same thing differently, occasional adjustments may be required.

Note: Please contact aACEsoft for new reports as well as any complex adjustments to existing printouts.

To edit a printout:

  1. Navigate to aACE Preferences > Database Management.
  2. The Reports section includes a list of printouts that can be edited. Click the one you wish to adjust.
  3. You will be taken to the printout and prompted with instructions to click command-L (control-L on Windows) to enter FileMaker's layout mode.
  4. From here you are free to make any necessary adjustments. A simple search on the web for "FileMaker Layout Mode" provides an abundance of resources if you need assistance. Your aACE partner can also be contacted for such assistance.
  5. To save the changes close the window.

Some helpful hints:

  • The default DPI on Mac is 72 and on Windows it's 96. What this means is that nudging an object 1 pixel equates to approximately 1/72 inch on Mac and 1/96 inch on Windows.
  • Some printouts may require several "nudge" adjustments until they print exactly as they should. Do not get discouraged if it takes many attempts.


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