Manually exporting grouped report data into Excel

All of aACE's reports from the Report Pack can be saved exported manually to an Excel spreadsheet. This method, which is different from saving raw data as an Excel document, will allow you to group the data for export, which will automatically create sub-summaries to parallel the data as view in the aACE report.

Below are the steps for the savvy aACE / Filemaker Pro user to use for creating summarized spreadsheets in Excel.

1. After selecting your specific report from the report selector and reviewing the content of the report, go to File > Export Records.


2. In the Export Records to File dialog, name the file, note where the file will be saved, and set file type to "Excel Workbook (.xlsx)"; click Save.Picture_6.png

3. Specify the fields to export. Recommendation to click Move All, as these are the same fields that appeared on the Report Pack report.


4. Select the field to group by.


5. The Excel spreadsheet will open to reveal summary information for each grouping without individual line items present.


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