How to use quick search

The quick search bar is located at the bottom of every list view screen in aACE. In this example, we show the quick search bar from Contacts.

Using Quick Search

  1. Enter search criteria in the fields you wish to search by.
  2. Click Search.
  3. The screen refreshes with a list of records matching the entered criteria.


The NOT Condition

Use the Not flag as a condition. For example, to search for all contacts who are NOT related to ABC Company:

  1. Check the Not flag to select the condition.
  2. Type the company name in the Company field or use the selector (magnifying glass) to search for the exact name.
  3. When ready, click Search.
  4. The screen will refresh to display a list of all contacts who are not related to the ABC Company.

Clear All Fields

Click the minus button just to the left of the Search button to clear all fields in the quick search bar.

Search Actions

The Search button's drop down menu provides you with additional searching options. 


  • Search within Current List
    This action will search only the record list displayed. It does not query the entire database. 
  • Search including Current List
    This action saves the current found set and adds the newly found records to the list. 
  • Find All Records
    This action clears any found sets and displays all records. 
  • Advanced Search
    This action brings up the advanced search screen. Click here for more information on advanced searching
  • Goto Related Records
    These actions perform additional searches in related modules without leaving your current found set. Click here for more information on quick links.


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