How do I remove records from a found set?

You can remove a single record from your found set, or you can omit multiple records using search criteria.  

Omitting Single Records

You can quickly remove a record from your found set using the record's Action drop down.

  1. Locate the record within your found set.
  2. Click the Action drop down at the end of the record row and select Omit From Found Set.


Omitting Multiple Records

Using the above method but while holding down the option key, multiple records can be omitted from the set.

Omitting Multiple Records With Quick Search

You can omit records from your list using common criteria for any field (or combination of fields) in the quick search bar. For example, let's say you want to eliminate all records in New York, NY.

  1. Check the Not flag on the far left of the quick search bar.
  2. Enter New York in the City field and NY in the State/Prov field.
  3. Click the Search drop down list and select Search within Current List.

aACE will search for your current list and omit the records matching your criteria. You are left with a new found set of records in list view.

Omitting Multiple Records With Advanced Search

If you wish to omit records from a found set based on many criteria (or fields not found in quick search), you can perform an advanced search. For example, let's say you have a found set of company records and you want to narrow the set by omitting all companies from Cleveland, Ohio.

Click the Search drop down menu (located in the quick search bar) and select Advanced Search. In the advanced search screen:

  1. Click the Omit button at the top of the screen.
  2. Enter your common criteria. In this case, the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio.
  3. From the FileMaker Search menu, select Constrain Found Set.


aACE will search for, and omit, the records matching your criteria and leave you with a new found set of records in list view.


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