Uploading to Document Manager

aACE features a document manager that can store your supporting documents. You can easily upload and link documents to almost any record in aACE. There are two ways to gain access to the Document Manager.

The Paper Clip Icon

Some screens (such as POs and Purchases) have a paper clip icon conveniently located on the interface so you can quickly process your upload while working in a record. One such example is in Purchases. Notice that the paper clip is located next to the Invoice Date field. A quick click of the button opens the Insert dialog so you can upload the vendor's invoice.


The Docs Button

Most screens have a Docs button located in the toolbar. This button opens the Document Manager interface. Here, you can add new documents or link to existing documents. Below is an example from the Companies module.


 To add and link documents to records

  1. Click the Docs button in the toolbar. The Documents Viewer appears. Click the finder to open the document selector.

  2. When the document selector opens, you can upload new documents or select from those already stored. To upload new documents, click the + button at the top left.

  3. When the Insert File dialog appears, select the file and click Open.

  4. To search those files already stored in Document Manager, use the search bar at the top of the selector.

  5. Click the documents in the left pane to move them to the right pane, and then click Save.

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