How do I add lists to my current found set?

aACE has a universal feature called Lists. Lists allow you to group records from any number of modules that may share a common theme or purpose. A typical use for a list is to organize groups of contacts for mailing lists, and the steps are as follows:

To add or remove contacts to a specific list, such as a 'Christmas List' group, follow these steps outlined below.

1. Navigate to the Contacts module. From the Main Menu: CRM & Sales > Contacts.

2. Perform a find for the record or group of records you would like to update using the quick search bar at the bottom.


3. When you have the desired found set, click the Lists button on the right side of the header bar.


4. Select the appropriate action - attach list to contacts or detach.


5. Use the list selector interface to choose which list(s) you would like to add to the found set of contact records.

  • Lists chosen will appear in right hand column of the list selector interface.

6. Click Save when done.



7. You can now use quick search to find the list name to find all the contacts that are associated with the list.


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