Category details for inventoried items and preferred vendors

There are two additional detail sections for Inventory categories and a place to set your preferred vendors for purchasing.


This section allows you to set up inventory reordering targets and enable shipping integration. You can also set the default location for storage (Default Bin) and assign a product manager (Manager).

The Cycle field is used to assign the inventory count cycle. Actual BalDemand, Available, On Order and Estimated are automatically calculated based on the sales and purchasing activity.

To learn more about automatic inventory ordering, click here.

To learn more about automatic shipping integration, click here.

 Inventory Section.png

Bin Balances

This section is for informational purposes. It shows a category's movement from one location to another. You can enter notes at the line item level by entering Edit mode in the Category detail screen. For information on setting up inventory bins, click here.



This section of the screen is available for items, inventory items, and purchase categories, allowing you to set up a list of vendors from whom you buy the product or service. You can set a preferred vendor to help automate purchasing and you can also set the approximate lead time in days (optional) for the arrival. You can also enter notes for each vendor record. (Yellow indicates there is a note. White indicates there is no note.) 

To learn how to add a preferred vendor, click here.


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