How do I change a category’s record type?

In aACE, once a category’s record type has been selected it cannot be undone or changed due to the complex logic associated with each record type. Instead, follow these steps to replace the category with one that has the correct record type; this will allow users to continue using the existing code with no disruption to their workflow.

  1. Choose the category you want to replace by navigating to Order Setup > Categories.
  2. Edit the original category code to have an "X-" prefix in the category code. This will allow you use the same category code in a new category.


  3. Deactivate the category.

    Note that orders in progress can still be completed using a deactivated category. New orders and accounting transactions not related to an order cannot use a deactivated category.


  4. Create a new category with the original category code, using the correct record type. This will appear in your list of active categories in place of the old, deactivated category.
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