Receiving payments from customers

You can process customer payments in three ways:

  1. start from the order, or
  2. start from the open invoice, or
  3. start from a new receipt.

Start from the order

  1. Navigate to the order you wish to work with.
  2. Click the Green Plus Button.png button next to the order totals at the bottom right.

  3. When the Payment dialog appears, fill in the payment details and click Apply Payment.


    Note: For details on processing credit card payments, click here


Start from the open invoice

  1. Navigate to the invoice you wish to work with.

  2. Click the Green Plus Button.png  button to create a receipt. When the dialog appears, click Apply.

  3. A new receipt record appears and is auto-filled with information related to the invoice. Notice that the amount is pre-filled based on the amount due from the related invoice.

  4. Enter the payment information and click Save.


    Note: Credit card payments will attempt to authorize on saving. If approved, the card will be charged and the authorization code will automatically appear. If the charge is declined, a dialog appears informing you of the decline. For more on credit card payments, click here.


Start from the Receipt

  1. Navigate to the Receipts module. From the main menu: Accts Receivable > Receipts.
  2. From the New menu, select Customer Receipt.

  3. Fill in the details of the receipt. HINT: Select the company name first and the open invoices automatically appear in the list.
    Note: For information on credit card payments, click here.

  4. Click Save. When the dialog appears, click Post to post the receipt. 

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