How to issue a refund

There are two approaches to issuing refunds to clients.  You can issue a refund directly from the Disbursements module or you can begin the process from the Invoices module.  Use the approach that is best suited to your workflow.

To issue a refund directly from the Disbursements Module:

  1. Navigate to the Disbursements screen. Accts Payable > Disbursements.
  2. From the aACE menu, click New and select Refund.  A blank refund disbursement appears.
  3. Enter the date for the refund, then select the payee from the Company field. Once the payee is selected, aACE displays a list of invoices with credit balances. See sample below.

  4. Enter the amount of the refund under the General Info section. This amount should equal the total allocated to the listed invoices.
  5. Confirm the bank account you wish to draw from.
  6. Fill in the Refund Info such as check number and Memo and confirm the Payee information is accurate.
  7. Enter the Amount you wish to allocate to each invoice listed (there may be more than one listed). 
    HINT: Click the green copy button to quickly enter the total. To update the allocation totals, click the blue Refresh button just above the SAVE button.
  8. When ready, click the SAVE button.
  9. When the confirmation dialog appears, click POST to post the new refund or click NOT YET to save the record in pending state.

To issue a refund from the Invoice screen:

  1. Go to the detail screen for the invoice you wish to work with.
  2. Click the Refund tab at the bottom of the Invoice screen.
  3. Click the + button to open a blank disbursement record. See sample below.
  4. Complete the disbursement refund as described the steps describe above, starting at #3.

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