Internal orders

You may need to create internal jobs for tracking staff time and expenses. To do this, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to Order Management > Orders. Hold the shift key and click New to create a production order.

2. Fill in the General Info tab with your own company as the client, and click Save. You will prompted to open the production order; doing so will automatically generate a job with the same ID as the order. Users can then apply their expenses, time, etc. against this internal job.



3. For added flexibility, from the order's fulfillment tab you can create any number of jobs (each with a different number, i.e. 40011.1, 40011.2, etc.) linked to the internal order. For example, you can split jobs by time period, function (Sales, Marketing, a specific trade show, etc.), task, or any number of other possibilities depending on your workflow. Alternatively, you can further organize internal costs by creating multiple internal orders and jobs within those orders.


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