How to approve and reject expense envelopes

Many companies require financial oversight for expense reimbursements. aACE has an expense approval process built in so expense reimbursements can be monitored as they move through the system.

If you have oversight responsibility for expense envelopes, you can use system notices to quickly find records that are pending approval. Alternately, you can use the purchase orders list.

Finding the record pending approval

Using notices to find expense envelopes pending approval

  1. Open your system notices by clicking the Notices icon at the bottom of the main menu.
  2. Filter the list by searching for Exp Env in the message title and a status of INCOMPLETE.

  3. From this screen, you can open the notice or click the link to open the purchase order that requires your attention.

Using purchase orders list to find expense envelopes pending approval.

  1. Navigate to the Purchase Orders module. From the main menu: Accounts Payable > Purchase Orders.
  2. In the quick search bar, enter Submitted for the Tracking Status. Alternately, you can enter Expense Envelope in the Type field.

  3. Navigate to the record details to review and approve or reject the expense envelope.

Approving expense envelopes:

When an expense envelope is approved, a related purchase record is automatically created and submitted for payment. Then the expense envelope is closed.

  1. Click the Actions menu at the top of the screen and select Approve Expense Envelope.
  2. A dialog appears to confirm the action. Click Open to proceed.

  3. Behind the scenes, aACE opens the expense envelope. creates a related purchase record and then closes the expense envelope. Then the record's status changes to Approved. A new dialog box appears to confirm the the amount.

  4.  Click OK to complete the action. The purchase record is now in the hands of accounts payable and is awaiting payment.

Rejecting expense envelopes:

When an expense envelope is rejected, the record status changes from Submitted to Rejected and a system notice is sent to the submitter. 
  1. From the Actions menu, click Reject Expense Envelope.
  2. When the system notice appears, type a note regarding the rejection, then click Send.
  3. The expense envelope's tracking status changes to Rejected and a system notice is sent to the submitter for attention. They can then correct the deficiencies and resubmit or void the record.
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