Step 3: Discovery & Your Needs Assessment

We perform a needs assessment through a process called "Discovery". The discovery process is simply an exchange of knowledge. We learn about your business and you learn about aACE. Together, we discover any missing links and identify solutions. Then, we connect all the dots and translate your business workflows into efficient aACE workflows. In the end, we present a development plan which outlines any needed customizations along with a cost estimate and timeline for implementation.

We learn about you

The best way for us to learn about your business is through discussion and examples. We start from the initial sales opportunity and move through the sales cycle. Then, we step through fulfillment and finally move through billing. We learn the details of how you work, why you do what you do, and what your expected results are from each process or procedure. You'll explain the deficiencies in your current processes and we'll discuss solutions for improvements. 

You learn about aACE

As we learn about your workflows, we show you examples of how you can use aACE. Together, we walk through each process on-screen and discuss each step along the way. Then, you'll get hands-on with aACE by playing in a sandbox version. You'll work through examples using your own data, which makes it easier to learn.

The Sandbox

You will have access to a web version of aACE, which we call a sandbox. After each discovery meeting, you will have the opportunity to play and learn as we demonstrated in the sessions. You'll use your own data and walk through real examples so you can identify any missing links. As you go, you will start to imagine life with aACE and discover new ways of making your workflows more efficient.

Customization requirements

As we move through the discovery process, you will most likely identify some areas that require customization. To keep your project running on time and on budget, we help you put these requirements into two buckets.

Bucket #1 - Must Have List

This is a list of customizations that you must have before your go-live date. To bring your system live as quickly as possible, consider only those customizations that bridge gaps in workflows or those that drastically improve efficiencies and will show big returns early on.

Bucket #2 - Wish List

This is a list of customizations that you would like to have at some time in the future. These are not required before the go-live date, so we often postpone the detailed discussions of these customizations until the staff has fully settled in with the new system. This list is later revisited and discussed in greater detail. Then, we map out a plan for ongoing system enhancements that work within your timeline and budget.

Development and Implementation Plan

Once we complete the discovery walkthrough, we present a development plan that outlines the customization requirements. These customizations can vary from small system tweaks to major workflow changes. The plan includes accurate timelines and cost estimates for the entire system implementation.

Upon your approval of the final proposal, we schedule the necessary resources that will be dedicated to your implementation project.

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