Step 1: Prepare for aACE Discovery

A successful ERP implementation involves much more than developing and testing software. Corporate change management, employee buy-in and the involvement of senior management are also critical to a successful outcome.

The first step in preparing for the implementation is to appoint a project manager who will act as a single point of contact for your organization. Your project manager will be responsible for managing the implementation team, gathering and delivering all required materials, coordinating meetings, and managing the communication flow to upper management.

The second step is to assemble an implementation team. Your implementation team will be the first of your staff to learn aACE and they will be instrumental in flushing out the details of how work and information will flow through the system. We suggest selecting staff who have detailed knowledge of current workflows, policies and procedures. Consider selecting staff from the following roles:


This team member (or members) should understand your sales process from start to finish, including details of how you quote, follow up, and close sales. You may also wish to include a sales assistant because they often know more about the transition from sales to fulfillment than the higher level sales staff.

A/R, A/P, Accounting

This team member (or members) should have a thorough understanding of your current system with regards to accounts receivable, accounts payable and accounting.  You will want to select someone who can give details of how your company collects aging receivables, handles payables, manages cash flow, accounts for inventory, and processes payroll.  


This team member should have an in-depth understanding of how you currently track your marketing campaigns. They should have knowledge of how you currently track conversions and campaign ROIs. If you are not currently tracking these things, knowing how you would like to track them can be helpful.

IT or System Manager

This team member should have a thorough understanding of your current IT infrastructure and have an aptitude for systems management. They will be responsible for setting up and managing users and their access, as well as ensuring the system continues to run smoothly from an IT standpoint.

Operations / Fulfillment / Customer Service

One or more team members may be required from these roles. These members should have a good understanding of the workflows and company policies surrounding the fulfillment process and customer support. Examples of these staff members include: project managers, production managers, account managers, traffic directors, shipping / receiving personnel, warehouse managers.

Top Management or COO

It is strongly recommended that you enlist one or more top department heads to participate. They can be very helpful when it comes to understanding the reporting requirements and workflow oversight. 

Once you have your team assembled, you will meet with your aACE team leader to discuss a plan to move forward.

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