How to build templates

This example steps through building an order template.

  1. Navigate to the Templates module. From the main menu: Order Setup > Templates
  2. Click the New button at the top of the screen. A blank template appears. Fill in the details for the template as we have done in the example below:

  3. In the Template Info section, click the Type field and select the kind of template you wish to create. For this example we'll select Order.
  4. In the Name field, enter a name for the template. This name is used to identify the template in the list view and from selection drop-down lists throughout the system. Keep the name short and descriptive.
  5. If you wish, you may overwrite the numeric code that automatically fills in. This code can be used as a data entry short cut in other screens instead of selecting from the drop-down list.
  6. In the Transaction Info section, enter a default title, type and source.

    Note: For accounts, you can include merge codes in the Title field for dates such as Current Month or Previous Year. This can be very useful when building recurring billing statements in CRM Accounts, for example. Hover your mouse over the tool tip for proper syntax.

    The Type and the Source fields are only used for order templates.

  7. The Shipping section allows you to enter standard shipping information. This is optional.

  8. In the Items section, select the categories for the template. 

    Use the Alt, Upg, and Opts features just as you would in the Orders module. For more information on these features, click here.

    Fill in the default quantity (number of units) for each line item and select the price application (Apply field) and the amount (Amount field).


    Explanation of the Apply and Amount fields:
    The Apply and the Amount fields work together and in conjunction with standard pricing at the category level. For example:

     - Unit Adjust and -2.50 will discount the standard unit pricing for the item by 2.50. 
     - Unit Adj % and 15.00% will discount the standard unit pricing for each item by 15%.
     - Fixed Price and 50.00 will fix the pricing for the item at 50.00 regardless of the standard pricing. 
  9. The optional Adjustment field in the lower right of the screen allows you to apply a discount to the total order. For our example, entering 15% will apply the discount to all line items, even those with special line-item pricing. You can also use a flat amount in the field.
  10. The Shipping field in the lower right of the screen is also optional.
  11. When you are finished setting up your template, click Save.

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