Credit card entry points

aACE provides access to the charge card entry screens in two different modules: the Orders module and the Receipts module. While aACE does NOT store the actual credit card information, it does store the card type, the last four digits of the card number, the expiration date, the billing address and an alias provided by the credit card processor. 

Credit card entry points


To enter a charge card from the Order screen, click the Green_Plus_Button.png button at the bottom right of the screen.

Select the card type of Credit Card from the Payment Method box, then click the Purple__.png  button in the Payment screen.



To enter credit cards from Receipts, click the Purple +.png  button in the Payment Info section.



To enter a new credit card, follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the credit card information in the Credit Card screen and then click Submit.

  2. The information is submitted to Xcharge to validate the card and hold the funds. If the entry is found to be invalid, an error will appear similar to the one below.

  3. If an error appears, make the necessary corrections and click Submit again to validate the card. Once you get approval, click OK to return to the Payment dialog.

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