Credit card pre-authorizations and charges

Charge authorizations on credit cards will occur at different times depending on the system preference settings.

If the system is set to "Authorize credit card when order opened" (see below), aACE will submit the amount for authorization. If approved, the amount will be held so that funds are available when the charge is processed.

NOTE: Authorizations are good for up to 45 days, depending on the bank and the credit card issuer.

Authorize CC Flag.png


To authorize the card when the order is opened, follow the steps below. NOTE:  The flag mentioned above must be active.

  1. Enter the new order details as you normally would.  Under Billing Terms, select Credit Card.

  2. Before saving the order, select the card the customer wishes use from the Credit Card drop-down list. If no credit card exists, you can add one on the fly using the Purple +.png  button. Click here for more information.
  3. Save and open the order.

Now that the card is authorized, certain actions will trigger aACE to capture charge and process the appropriate records automatically.

For items shipped from inventory

When the shipment is marked as shipped, aACE automatically captures the charge, generates an invoice and posts a receipt. 

For drop-shipped items

When the purchase for the drop-shipment is opened, aACE automatically captures the charge, generates an invoice and posts a receipt.

For manually processed orders

When the invoice for the order is created manually and opened, a dialog appears prompting the user to charge the credit card. Clicking YES will capture the charge and post the receipt.

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