Processing debit card payments on orders

To accept a customer's payment by debit card from the order screen, follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the order as you normally would. In the Payment Terms, select Due On Receipt or other terms and save the order.

  2. Once the order is saved and opened, you can click the  Green Plus Button.png button next to the Payment Due field at the bottom of the order screen.
  3. When the payment window appears, verify the amount and select Debit Card for the Payment Method, then click the Purple +.png  button.

  4. When the Charge Card dialog appears, click in the Card Number field and swipe the card. When the screen prompts for it, have the cardholder enter their PIN number, then click Submit to get authorization.

  5. Once approved, click the OK button to return to the Payment window. 
  6. Click Apply Payment to capture the charge amount. 
  7. Once the payment is processed, the order screen will update and show a zero payment due. If a transaction is declined, a notification  appears stating so and the balance due will remain.

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