How to Install a Report Pack - FileMaker Server 13 & 14


  • If you're not currently on FileMaker Server 13 then follow the FileMaker Server 12 instructions here.
  • You must have access to the FileMaker Admin Console on your FileMaker Server in order to proceed.
  • Each new report pack builds upon the last. By installing the current report pack, all previously released reports will be included.


Step 1: Download the report pack attached to this help guide. Unarchive onto your desktop.

Step 2: You'll need to remove the existing report pack before installing a new one.

    1. Open your FileMaker Admin Console and navigate to Activity. Make sure no users are logged into the report pack before proceeding.
    2. Click "aACEv4v0_Reports.fmp12" and choose "Close" from the folder icon in the top right. 
    3. Once the database is closed choose "Remove" from the trash can icon in the top right. This will remove the database from your server.


Step 3: Once the old report pack is removed you'll be ready to upload a new one.

    1. Open the FileMaker application on your computer and choose File > Sharing > Upload to FileMaker Server...Screen_Shot_2014-03-10_at_4.19.26_PM.png
    2. Select "Local Hosts" from the "Hosts" drop-down. You should see your server on this list. Select it and enter the Admin Console login credentials in Name and Password. Note this is the Admin Console login credentials, not your aACE login credentials. Click Next.
    3. If your aACE system is located in a subfolder on the FileMaker Server then click "Change" and select the appropriate subfolder. Note that most implementations place the aACE system in a subfolder called "aACE".
    4. Click "Browse" and find the unzipped aACEv4v0_Reports.fmp12 you downloaded in Step 1. Click Upload.

Step 4: At this point the report pack has been uploaded. To finalize the install, log into aACE using your aACE login credentials. Navigate to any list view and "Open Report Selector" from the Print menu. You will be prompted to install the new report pack. Once the report pack is installed this dialog will no longer appear.


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