About The aACE Inventory Counter Mobile App

The Inventory App "aACE Inventory Counter" brings aACE functionality to the mobile environment. 

aACE Inventory Counter allows multiple counters to count specific inventories across multiple bin locations - quickly and efficiently.

Perform Inventory audits and updates using a handheld scanner that can be attached to an iPad or connected via bluetooth. Assign inventory items to particular locations or bins, scan barcodes and adjust inventory balances in aACE.

To configure the aACE Inventory Counter App to communicate with the existing aACE solution, see instructions here.

This is an overview of how the system works on an ipad. (Screen visuals may vary slightly, screens do rotate accordingly based on iPad orientation)



Picture_6.png                      Picture_37.png

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To begin each inventory process, the user is required to Download the active categories from aACE. This can be done by using the button as labelled. 

This will pull all necessary category information from aACE into the iPad.



 Once category information has been downloaded, the app offers multiple interfaces and methods to perform inventory counting functions:



Inventory Count:

Perform Inventory functions with a handheld scanner on the warehouse floor. Scan items individually and the quantities will update automatically.

1. Select the appropriate bin location from Current Inventory Bin field. (in this example, 'New York Bin Number 1')

2. When 'Click to Scan Barcode' turns green (see below), the app is ready to receive scanner input. Scan all necessary items.


Quantities can also be adjusted by either using the +/- buttons, or also by clicking on the quantity and entering a specific value.


3. Inventory Count can then be uploaded to aACE by using the 'Upload Inventory Count to aACE' button on the main menu (click the back button to return to main menu).


Find a Category:

This Feature allows for item categories to be relocated in different locations.

1. Click 'Find a Category' in Main Menu.

2. Select desired options Inventory Bin and/or Category Type

3. All associated items will be listed for the selected bin / Category Type.

4. Check box to the left of desired item to relocate.

5. Chose new location to add selected items to inventory from pop up menu at bottom of interface.

6. Click 'Add to Inventory'.



Quick Scan:

Enter Inventory by quickly scanning batches items, regardless of category. When you have completed scanning all upc codes for each item, click add to inventory. The batch is then sorted and counted, and you are presented with Inventory Count listing each itemized category with it's respective quantity.

1. From Main Menu, click on 'Quick Scan'

2. The cursor will be blinking in the barcode batch field.

3. Scan all items as necessary.

4. Select Bin Location from pop up menu at bottom of screen.

Picture_28.png  98358147-528b-4d8a-beca-6085915a633e.jpgPicture_35.png

5. Click 'Add to Inventory'

6. Review Data on Inventory Count screen, adjust totals as necessary using scanner, manual entry or +/- buttons.




 Uploading Inventory Count to aACE System

Once you have completed the inventory counting, you can proceed to upload the inventory results to the aACE system. Navigate to the Main Menu (use back button) and click Upload Inventory Count to aACE. This will push all the data to a holding area within the aACE system where it will await the next user interaction.


 Importing data into Inventory Adjustments in aACE.

In aACE>>Inventory Adjustments, from the Action Menu select " Generate Adj from aACE Inv Counter". aACE will then import the data directly from the iPad and reconcile the inventory results against the system's pre-existing inventory, and will create inventory adjustment records based on whether or not the actual inventory was greater (positive value) or smaller (negative value).




After Running the Generate Adjustments from Inventory Counter process, Follow the posting and updating process described in the "Inventory Adjustment" section of the documentation here.




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