Setting up aACE Inventory Counter App

To have the aACE Inventory Counter Mobile App communicate within the network with the aACE System follow these steps:

1. Open the Inventory App in Filemaker Pro on any computer.



2. Click the 'Set aACE Server Address' button on the main menu screen.


3. Find the IP address for the Filemaker server that aACE is hosted on. This IP address gets inserted into the following directory paths. Be sure to change the IP address only, all other directory path points must stay the same.


4. To Modify the file directory paths for the aACE_Data File and also the aACE_Data_Cache as listed in the "Manage External Data Sources' window, highlight each file and click edit button.


5. In the Edit Data Source Dialog, enter the appropriate IP Address.


5. Click OK when done, now the Mobile app is linked appropriately to the aACE file set. Close file on computer and open on mobile device.


About The aACE Inventory Counter Mobile App

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