Configuring the aACE Time Clock

1. Launch FileMaker Go and open the aACE Time Clock.

2. If the app is not configured, you will be notified as such and taken to the “Settings” page. If the app was pre-configured prior to distribution you can skip “Configuration”.

3. Server Connection

  • aACE Server Address. This is the address where the aACE system is located and can be found in the FileMaker Server Admin Console > Web Server > IP Address.
  • aACE File Name. This is the name of the file in control of mobile integration. By default this should be “aACEv4v0_Integration_Mobile”.
  • aACE Account Name and Password. This is the account name and password of the user created for mobile apps.

 4. Preferences

  • Default Department. The first step for users when clocking in our out is to select their department so they can find themselves. If your organization has a single department or if each department will have a dedicated Time Clock, choose a default department for the Time Clock to bypass this step.
  • Default Job. If your users are logging their time against multiple jobs throughout the day, the default job will be used "between jobs". In other words, after completing what they're working on but before they begin their next todo, that time will be logged against the default job.
  • Require PIN entry on login. This will require users to enter a PIN to access their time clock. This value is the last four digits of their Payroll ID in their team member record.
  • Allow users to mark tasks as complete. This will enable a "Mark Task As Complete" button for tasks.
  • Allow users to apply time to jobs. This will allow users to apply time against jobs. Disable this preference if you want to force users to log their time only against tasks.
  • Departments Available in Time Clock. Configuring the time clock will download all departments from aACE. If only certain departments should be accessible from the time clock, set that up here. This should be used to simplify selection for your users. Departments in which users will not be using the time clock should be disabled.

5. Click “Done” in the top-right corner. The initial sync may take several minutes, depending on how much data needs to sync. Subsequent syncs will only sync data that has been updated either in aACE or the Time Clock.


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