Configuring aACE for Mobile Apps

aACE User

An aACE user will need to be created. This user can be used for all aACE mobile apps that do not require users to log in under their own account. Follow the documentation here to create an “aACE Mobile” team member and user. The team member record should be created as type "Resource" and can have a first name of "aACE" and a last name of "Mobile".

Add this team member to a new or existing user group. If you want to ensure this user is restricted to mobile apps only, create a new group, grant it the necessary module access for mobile apps being used (e.g. Shipping Log for Pick App; Jobs and Tasks for Time Clock; etc.) and remove all menu option access. This will grant the user access to the data needed, but if the user logs into aACE they will have no menu and will therefore be unable to navigate aACE. You will need to log in as this user to set their password, but menu access is not needed for this.

Note: The aACE Mobile user cannot belong to a user group with the "programmer" or "programmer_admin" data group.


Automation Schedules

In aACE Preferences > Automation Schedules, enable the "Mobile Integration" schedule and ensure it is running every minute.



Most aACE mobile apps are designed to function on the iPad Mini, unless otherwise noted. The interfaces will fit on a regular iPad, but if running on an iPhone or iPod Touch, an ideal user experience is not guaranteed, and some functionality may be very difficult. Non-iOS devices are not supported.


FileMaker Go

FileMaker Go 13 must be installed on the device. FileMaker Go can be found in the Apple App Store.


FileMaker Server

The Web Publishing Engine must be enabled via the FileMaker Admin Console. Web Server must be turned on with XML enabled. See FileMaker Server documentation on configuring this. Take note of the Web Server IP Address; this will need to be entered into the mobile app settings. (Note this may be different from the Web Publishing Engine IP Address.)

aACE mobile apps utilize a "sync" method of integration. When considering concurrent users, mobile app users are only connected to FileMaker Server during the time of sync, not during the entire time of use. This does not mean additional concurrent users will not be necessary, but that number will be limited. Please consult the FileMaker Admin Console to see levels of concurrent users to determine if and how many additional users may be needed to support your organization's mobility needs.

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