How to configure the aACE Pick App

  1. Download the Pick App onto a desktop computer that is on your aACE network. Using FileMaker Pro client you'll link the Pick App to your aACE system. Note: This step cannot be done on the iPad. It must be completed on a desktop computer.
  2. Open the Pick App using FileMaker Pro. The first time you open it you'll be prompted to "Specify the IP address to your aACE Server for each data source listed in the following dialog.Manage_External_Data_Sources.png
  3. In aACE, aACEv4v0_Data, aACEv4v0_Data_Logs, and aACEv4v0_Scripts you'll need to replace "YourIPAddress" with the IP Address (or DNS alias) of your aACE server.
  4. Once this is complete, click OK. If aACE has been linked properly you'll be prompted for an account name and password. These will be the same as the credentials you use to log into aACE. If aACE has not been linked properly, quit FileMaker, confirm the IP address, and try again.
  5. In the top right corner of the interface you'll find a gear icon that you can click to set any preferences prior to distributing the app to your iPad. Note: Except for the last, these preferences can also be set on the iPad if particular iPads need to be configured differently.
    • Show Shipments with Tracking Status. If you want to specify a tracking status that is used with the Pick App, specify it here. This would be used if certain shipments need to be processed using the Pick App while others need to be processed in aACE.
    • Show Only myShipments. Check this box if the shipments in the Pick App should only be those assigned to the current user.
    • Set aACE Server Address. Click this to reset the IP address for aACE.Pick_App_Preferences.png
  6. Once the Pick App has been configured it can be distributed to your iPad via email. When the app is launched, users will log in using their aACE credentials.
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