How to use the aACE Pick App

  1. If you haven't already, download FileMaker Go from the Apple App Store onto the iPad you'll be using the Pick App.
    • Configure the Pick App on a desktop computer with FileMaker Pro installed and then distribute to the iPad via email.
  2. When you launch the Pick App you'll be prompted to enter an Account Name and Password. These credentials are the same as the credentials used to log into aACE on a desktop. If you don't have aACE credentials please contact your system administrator.
  3. Upon successfully logging into the Pick App you're shown a list of shipments that are ready to pick. Note: The search criteria for the default list can be adjusted by pressing the gear icon in the top right corner of list view.
  4. Select a shipment you would like to pick. Once you've picked the item you can scan or type it into the blue entry field. The quantity for the selected item will increment by 1. If the selected item does not exist on the pick list you will be notified. Note: The barcode entry matches the item based on the Barcode Input field stored in aACE Categories.
  5. Data can also be entered by clicking the Edit button in the top right corner. In edit mode using the keyboard you can manually enter the quantity being picked for an item. You can also press the >> button to automatically enter the Expected Quantity into the Quantity field. Note: The scanning method also works in edit mode.
  6. In edit mode you can also enter a Package ID and Notes. The scanner can also be used with these fields by selecting the field and using the scanner. When you're finished editing the shipment press Save to save the record or Cancel to revert it.
  7. When you're finished picking press the NRG button in the bottom right corner. This will transmit the shipment to NRG for further processing.
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