Barcode Scanners

The first option is to use native barcode scanning using the iPad or iPhone camera. Although this is supported and works quite well in certain circumstances, it is slightly slower than using a peripheral scanner, and the small delay can substantially add to overall time when scanning in high volumes.

Our mobile apps have been fully tested using two types of barcode scanners: the Wasp USB Barcode Scanner and the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Hand Scanner.

In order to operate the Wasp USB Barcode Scanner with iPad, an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit is required. With both devices the USB scanner can be plugged directly into the iPad and acts as keyboard entry when items are scanned.

The main disadvantage to this method is that when the USB scanner is plugged in, the iPad virtual keyboard is inoperable. In order to use the virtual keyboard the USB scanner will need to be unplugged. To resolve this conflict, the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Hand Scanner includes a toggle that will turn off the scanner when needed and thus activate the virtual keyboard.

A third option that has been used by some aACE customers is the Koolertron 3 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner.

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