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The definition of “accounts” is very flexible. An account can be used to track purchasing or billing activity,  or it can simply be a way of managing a relationship's profitability at a very high level. Accounts are also used to set up auto-billing to clients and auto-purchasing from vendors.

To Create a New Account

  1. Navigate the main menu: CRM & Sales > Accounts and click New.
  2. Enter the account details.


    Account Info Section - This section contains the fields for the account type, the account's name and the company for which the account is created. 

    Start Date & End Date - These fields allow you to enter the beginning and ending dates of the account's lifespan (this is optional.) The Value field allows you note the account's estimated long-term value over time. Entering a value here will give you running comparison to the account's related activity.

    Default Checkbox - If checked for a vendor account, new purchases from that vendor to automatically link to the account. If checked for a client account, new invoices will automatically link to the account. 

    Contractual Checkbox - If checked, it denotes the account as being one that is tracking a contractual obligation. 

    Setup Automation - This screen is used to set up and manage automated billing (in the case of customers/client accounts) or automated purchasing (in the case of vendor accounts). Refer to the links below for more in-depth information.

  3. When ready, click Save.

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