Understanding address synchronization in CRM

Sync With Office

The Sync With Office flag is located in Companies > Finance / Accounting. When this flag is checked, the company’s billing address will be synced with its office address. This flag is checked by default. To give the company a billing address that differs from its office address, uncheck the flag and enter the appropriate billing address.


Changing a Company Address

When a company office or billing address changes and there are related transactions, the user will be prompted to update the address in those related transactions. Note: This will not update closed transactions or transactions with an address that is not already synced with the company address. For example, if you change the company office address from 123 Main Street to 456 New Road, only open or pending transactions whose address was synced with the company will automatically update from 123 Main Street to 456 New Road; an open transaction with an address of 789 Old Way will not be updated.

Overriding a Synced Address

Contacts, by default, inherit the office address of the company. This can be overridden by navigating to the contact record and simply editing the address. At this point, changes to the company address will no longer automatically update the contact. If a contact address is synced with the company address, the address field will be italicized. Conversely, if a contact address is not synced with the company address, the address field will not be italicized. Because the address is split into 6 fields, it’s possible that some fields are synced and others are not. To re-sync, clear out the overridden text in any of the fields.


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