What do I do if schedules stop running?

Schedules in aACE are run through FMSE (FileMaker Schedule Engine). If schedules appear to stop running, you may notice one of the following errors:

  • You receive system-generated error notification in aACE.
  • In FileMaker Server's Admin Console, the status of Automation reads "Aborted Unexpectedly".
  • In FileMaker Server's Admin Console, the status reads "Running" but in aACE Preferences > Automation Schedules, the schedules are not running.

When any of these errors occur, you may need to restart FMSE. Note that this will not disrupt your FileMaker server. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the command line. In Mac, the default program is Terminal and can be found in Applications > Utilities. In Windows, this is called Command Prompt and can be found under the Windows System heading in the app screen in Windows 8, or in Start > All Programs > Accessories in earlier versions of Windows.
  2. Type "fmsadmin stop fmse" and press the Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac) key. You will be prompted for a confirmation; enter "y". This will stop the schedule engine.
  3. Once the command is complete, enter "fmsadmin start fmse". This will start it again.
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