Overview of AvaTax integration

aACE+ Avalara AvaTax integration addresses your sales tax challenges with a cloud-based service that calculates sales and use tax, manages exemption certificates, files returns, and remits payments across North America and beyond.

Setting Up Your AvaTax Account

Before proceeding, contact an Avalara representative to set up your AvaTax account at www.avalara.com.

When your account setup is complete, you will receive an email from support@avalara.com with the subject "Your AvaTax Username, Password & Set Up" for your development or production account (if you have both account types, you will receive an email for each). This email will contain your log-in credentials for the Avalara AvaTax Admin Console; this information is not necessary for aACE+ AvaTax integration, but you must sign into the AvaTax Admin Console and accept the terms and conditions to trigger the next part of the process.

After you log in and accept the terms and conditions, you will receive a second email from support@avalara.com with the subject "Important! Your [Production/Development] Account Number & License Key" containing your account number, license key, and service URL. Do not lose this information; you will need it to set up your aACE+ AvaTax integration.

Configuring your aACE+ AvaTax Integration

To configure aACE for AvaTax integration, first familiarize yourself with aACE's built-in tax functionality: Understanding tax profiles

aACE+ AvaTax integration can work with aACE's existing Tax Profiles module in a number of different ways:

  • A single default tax profile can be used across all orders to rely on AvaTax exclusively.
  • Out of State (OOS) tax profiles can be set up for jurisdictions where you aren't responsible for collecting sales tax; this tax profile should be set to 0% to avoid making unnecessary requests to AvaTax.
  • One profile can be set up for all states where you have nexus, or you can set up a profile for each state and run them all through AvaTax.

Once you've set up your tax profiles, see Setting up AvaTax for next steps.

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