Reporting Overview

Default Reports

Default reports are built by aACEsoft programmers and distributed in report packs to all Maintenance subscribers. Each report pack includes new reports as well as all previously-released reports; these reports are not customizable by aACE users. To customize a default report, it must be copied into the interface file by an aACE programmer. As part of our reporting guarantee, any client can request a new report, and if it is applicable to a majority of aACE users it may be added to the development queue for a future report pack at the discretion of aACEsoft.

Custom Reports

Custom reports are specific to the client requesting them and are not applicable to the majority of aACE users; for instance, a report is considered custom if it requires the use of fields that are only present in the requesting client's aACE solution. These reports are built into the interface file and can be customized by your aACE programmer. Default reports that have been customized will also be pulled into the interface file. To request a custom report or have a default report customized, contact your aACE partner.

Transactional Printouts

Transactional printouts are printable reports related to a transaction, e.g. orders, invoices, and receipts. They can be modified by any management-level aACE user. See How do I edit printouts? for instructions.

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