Assigning customer discounts

In aACE, there are several ways to assign a discount to a customer.

Standing Discounts

A client can be assigned a standing discount on all applicable* orders. To set a client’s discount, navigate to their company record (from the main menu: CRM & Sales > Companies) and click on the Finance/Accounting tab and enter Edit mode.

Under Billing Setup, enter the standing discount that you want to give to this client, e.g. 5%.


This discount will apply to each applicable line item on this client’s orders.

*Note: Line items whose categories have the Exclude Client Discount flag checked will not receive the standing discount. This setting is located in the category's preferences.

Rate Cards

To give a client discounts on only certain categories, you can link their company record to a special rate card. To learn how to create a rate card, click here.

To assign a rate card to a client, navigate to their company record and enter Edit mode. Under Billing Setup, click on the rate card field and choose the rate card you want to set from the drop-down menu. In this example, the customer will receive a 10% discount on books; that discount will only apply to categories on the rate card.

Order Adjustments

Clients can also be given a discount on a single order by using the order’s Adjustment field.

From the main menu, navigate to Order Management > Orders and select the order to which you want to apply a discount, then enter Edit mode.

You can enter the discount in the Adjustment field as either a percentage or a lump sum. If, for example, you wanted to give the client a 15% discount, you would enter it as “-15%” in the Adjustment field.

Note that the Adjustment field can also be used to charge clients a premium by entering a positive number or percentage; to give clients a discount, be sure that the number or percentage is negative.

Line Item Adjustment

To give a client a discount on a single line item in a single order, use the Unit Adj. field next to that line item. This field works the same way as the Adjustment field above.

Assigning Multiple Discounts

It is possible to assign multiple discounts to a client or an order. When this happens, aACE calculates the total price based on a hierarchy:

  1. If the customer has a special rate card, the special pricing for items listed in that rate card will be applied first.
  2. If the customer has a standing discount, the discount will be taken from the prices set by the rate card where applicable.
  3. If there is a line item adjustment, that adjustment will be made to the line item’s price after the rate card and standing discount have been applied.
  4. If there is an order adjustment, it will be made after all other discounts.

Note: Pricing schemes can be very complex. Rate cards can be structured to allow for pricing locks and overrides for the items listed. Also, users can change the rate card used at the order level if they have the appropriate access privileges to do so. However, users cannot change the standing discount at the order level.


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