Connecting to aACE remotely

Accessing aACE remotely is primarily a function of IT and depends on several factors that are beyond our area of expertise, including server configurations, network configurations, and ISP configurations. As such it's impossible to provide step-by-step instructions. If after following these basic steps you're still unable to connect, you may need additional assistance.
  1. Establish a static IP (for instructions see Setting a static IP - Mac OS). To ensure accessibility from outside of the network, the IP address needs to remain the same.

  2. Allow accessibility from outside of your network/firewall. To maintain security of your FileMaker server, see these guides from FileMaker explaining the ports that FileMaker uses so they can be opened up/forwarded as needed:

    Filemaker 13 -

    Filemaker 14 -

    Note: Only the ports marked “Open” on the knowledge base will need to be opened on your firewall.

    If you are not familiar with port configuration on your firewall please contact your network administrator or our tech partner MC Services at the number below.

  3. To test the system is accessible you can use FileMaker > File > Open Remote, type in the address and the filename "aACE". Once you are able to successfully log in, an aACE launcher can be configured to point to that external address so users don't need to use Open Remote: see Configuring aACE Launcher.
For additional assistance, please contact MC Services at 262-522-6950.
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