How do I send emails to aACE?

You can send emails directly into your aACE solution by following these steps.

  1. Identify the email address for aACE. This can be found in aACE Preferences > Email Setup > Incoming Email > Email Address. Any email sent to this address will be downloaded into aACE, including attachments, if certain conditions are met.
  2. There has to be a matching email address in the system, not including the system address from step 1. We batch together the to, from, and cc addresses into a list and try to find a match in companies, contacts, and team members. Not all addresses have to have a match, but at least one does, otherwise it'll be considered spam and deleted from the system. For example, if the from email address is a team member, it'll link it up. If the to email address is a contact, it'll link it up.
  3. In addition to linking the email to the corresponding company, contact, and/or team member based on the address, we read the email for a tag, formatted "[RECID]" (i.e. open bracket, record ID, close bracket). The tag indicates which record to attach the email to. Keep in mind that this must be the underlying record ID, not necessarily the ID visible to the user. For example, the ID for an order might be "12345-3R", but the underlying record ID might be "ORD40001". Including "[ORD40001]" in the body or subject line of the email will attach it to that record.
    • You can have an email link to multiple records by concatenating tags, e.g. "[ORD12345][INV23456][RCPT34567]".
    • To find the record ID, find the record, open the log view (Actions > View Log) and note the ID at the bottom of the window.
  4. Any attachments for the email will be downloaded as documents and linked to the appropriate record(s).
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