How do I ship an order to multiple shipping addresses?

To ship an order to multiple locations with a single billing entity, follow these steps.

  1. From Companies, find the list of subsidiaries the product needs to be sent to. Export to Excel. Open and relabel the "Office" address columns as "Shipping" to make import below easier.

  2. Create an order for the billing entity totaling the entire amount to ship out. For example, to ship 10 units each to 2 subsidiaries, create a single line item with quantity of 20.
  3. If your system is configured to automatically generate invoices when shipments are shipped, then create a related invoice for the full amount and open the invoice. Process this invoice as you would normally. This is important here because without a single invoice, the shipping process below will result in one invoice per shipment.
  4. aACE will automatically generate a single shipment for 20. Navigate to this shipment, edit it, and change the quantity to 10. Save. If your system is configured with courier integration, select "Do not transmit".
  5. From Actions, select "Duplicate to Import". Click "Step 3" in the dialog and import the Excel spreadsheet from step 1 above. This will duplicate the current shipment (with quantity 10) for as many addresses are in the Excel spreadsheet.

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